This 90s Workplace Safety Video Watches Like A Gory B-Movie Horror

Safety workplace video

Will you be here tomorrow?

Workplace safety videos are about a hundred years old and as a result, are tacky as hell. Terrible reenactments, shoddy camera work and 80s fashion all make for a pretty lame, albeit entertaining watch.

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But this video, sold by the United Safety Council, is so gory and fucked up it quite literally could pass at FrightFest as a b-movie short. Titled ‘Will You Be Here Tomorrow?’, this five minute video was produced in 1998 and sold in a bid to teach the blue collar workers of America about industrial workplace safety. The description reads:

This eye-opening meeting opener will capture your employee’s attention and show them just how easily accidents can happen.

If I showed this at the start of a meeting, I’d expect to get sued for inducing PTSD. Seriously, rather than actually teach anything about safety, it just seems to show the viewer one horrifically far-fetched and gory accident after another. All I grasped from that video was that if I step foot into an industrial setting my life is going to turn into Final Destination. Moral of the story people? Don’t go to work or else you will get hurt in the most obscene way possible. Check it out:

Crazy right? It makes me wonder if the guy making this was an aspiring horror director and this was the best gig he could get. Looks like the entire budget went on fake blood and prosthetics. And how about the final scene where the firefighters are carrying dying people out of a blazing factory while a baby screams over some sort of Dracula music? What’s that all about?

I think I’ve found my new favourite b-movie. Maybe someone should pitch this to Rob Zombie as his next feature. Speaking of Rob Zombie, did you know his new film 31 is going to be out in time for Halloween? Exciting.


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