VIDEO: Two Women Twerk On Subway Line

Subway Twerking

These two risked their lives to get a video of them twerking on the subway. Worth it?

Twerking seems to have caught on in the last few months and everyone seems to be doing it wherever you go, including these two women who think it’s really funny to get down onto the subway tracks in New York City and twerk in the middle of them.

Unfortunately they don’t get electrocuted or end up getting run over by a train (at least not in the clip) but they do look pretty stupid twerking their butts off on a subway line when nobody else is around. YOLO.

FYI – the subway tracks carry a live 600 volt charge so the women had a very real chance of dying if they weren’t careful with their twerking technique. YouTube users have criticised the two either saying a) they should win a Darwin award for trying to eliminate themselves from the human race or b) they’re not actually that good at twerking. The NYPD is investigating the incident.

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