One Of The Women Said To Be Held In An Abusive Cult By R. Kelly Has Spoken

Jocelyn Savage

Has she been brainwashed?

Yesterday we bought you news of a Buzzfeed expose on R. Kelly, which claimed that the singer was holding several young women in an abusive cult where he makes them perform weird sexual acts after brainwashing them.

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You can read all the details about that here, but today one of the women has taken the steps to speak out about her life with R. Kelly. Her name is Joycelyn Savage and as her parents have accused her of experiencing Stockholm Syndrome – where the victim slowly begins to sympathise with their captor and join their side – it’s hardly surprising that in the following video she’s clearly siding with R. Kelly.

You can watch the full thing below but I’ve paraphrased some of the talking points below:

I’m 21, I’m about to be 22 in a few days and I just mainly want to say that I am in a happy place with my life and I’m not being brainwashed or anything like that.

It just came to a point where it definitely has got out of hand. I’m totally fine. I’m happy where I’m at and everything is OK with me.

I’ve never felt like a hostage or anything like that.

Well, it certainly sounds like Jocelyn is doing OK, doesn’t it? If someone had been brainwashed though this is exactly the kind of thing they would be saying, and the fact that there are so many accusations against R. Kelly throughout his career kind of implies that there’s at least something going on with him. We’ll probably never manage to get to the bottom of it though, as is the case with so many of these things.

For more R. Kelly, here are a bunch of his lyrics being used as inspirational quotes. Maybe not quite as funny now as it was a couple of years ago.


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