Woman’s Nipples ‘Die’ After Five Surgeries In One Day (NSFW)

Was this ever going to end well?

We’ve featured our fair share of plastic surgery screw ups on Sick Chirpse over the years and I would say that it’s about 50/50 on whether the surgeon messed up or if the was the fault of the person going under the knife for being addicted to weird surgeries and wanting to do stuff that was inherently unsafe in the first place.

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This woman’s nipple disaster definitely falls into the latter camp. 25 year old Miami influencer Alejandra Mercedes decided to spend $20,000 on five plastic surgeries in one day, getting a combined breast lift and implant change, liposuction on her back and a skin tightening procedure. Seems kinda excessive, so I’m not exactly surprised to hear that Mercedes had lost all blood flow to her nipples and they were turning black three days later.

Here’s what she had to say about this experience (there’s also a pretty gross NSFW pic towards the bottom so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see that) :

My takeaway from this experience is that it is much better to only have one surgery at a time.

I think the necrosis and issues with my recovery and pain were all because my body couldn’t cope with so many surgical sites to heal.

My nipples were so black they looked burned, they were completely dead.

I was panicking and worried I would look like I’d had cancer with no nipples at all.

My mind was all over the place.

They gave me a cream to put on the parts where I had necrosis that would allow the dead skin to soften up and fall off.

Most of it did but on some parts they had to cut it off with scissors.

Then some of my breast muscle burst through my stitches and I needed a second surgery to put everything back together neatly.

Thankfully I healed well after that.

I have met so many women who suffered necrosis and infections like what happened to me.

Before I suffered I had no idea how common these issues were after plastic surgery.

We don’t know why it happened to me but I especially want women to think carefully about having more than one surgery at a time as it puts a lot of strain on the body to try and recover.

After this experience, I don’t think I will have another procedure except maybe a cosmetic tattoo to improve the scars around my nipples.

At the moment I only have a tiny bit of areola left, only about 2cm.

But I am so grateful for how well I healed. I feel beautiful now.

Geez that does not look good does it? I think people must be kind of crazy though to think that having five different surgical procedures at once is ever going to be a good idea, even if they’re being offered at a discount rate. Surely there must be a massive increase in the chances of something happening to your body in those kinds of situations? Don’t really think the surgeons should be offering those kind of deals either because they’re playing on vulnerable/desperate people who really want surgeries but can’t afford them. Bad news.

Good for Alejandra though for saying that she won’t have any more surgeries and good for her for sharing her story so that anyone out there who might actually be considering doing that in the future will be deterred. Seems kinda obvious to me but clearly there are some people out there who feel differently. Hopefully now they understand why it’s a bad idea.

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