Woman’s ‘Cockney’ Washing Machine Sounds Exactly Like Danny Dyer (VIDEO)


Come on then.

48-year-old Lesley Hazeldine claims her “cockney” washing machine sounds just like the living legend Danny Dyer.

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After hearing the uncanny similarity between her Hotpoint washer/dryer and the famous actor, she decided to upload a clip online. Since then, the footage has gone viral. The council worker from Surrey said:

I’ve had the machine for over four years, and it’s a great washer, but it’s always been quite noisy.

I was sitting in my front room one day and my washing machine was on when I heard it saying, ‘Come on then, come on then.’

I got my daughter to listen to it to see if she could hear it or if I was going mad.

But to my surprise, she agreed with me.

I sent the clip in to Absolute Radio and suddenly loads of people were contacting me saying they could hear it too.

So here goes – can you hear the machine say ‘Come on them’ in Dyer’s famous accent?

That’s pretty uncanny. At first it just sounds like any other noisy washing machine, but after the first few rounds it sounds increasingly like Danny Dyer mouthing off to one of his co-stars. Maybe this’ll be the start of Dyer’s next business venture – cockney-themed white goods.


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