A Woman Who Was Wrongly Pronounced Dead Then Died From Hypothermia In The Morgue

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It’s gotta be a complete and utter bum when you end up dead, but imagine how much it would suck if you’re pronounced dead but not actually dead and then end up dead because of a monumental screw up?

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That sentence probably didn’t make much sense without the context of this article but you’ll see what I’m on about once you’ve read the story of a 62 year old grandmother from Vasilyevka, Russia. She had been drinking with relatives – classic Russian – when she keeled over and appeared to pass away. A policeman certified her as dead and took her body away to the morgue in a hearse.

The only problem was that she wasn’t actually dead though. A morgue worker was trying to fit a tag to her corpse when she suddenly started moving. An ambulance was called and paramedics spent 40 minutes trying to revive her again but to no avail – it was alter found that she suffered from extreme cold whilst in the morgue, which caused her to die ‘again’ due to complications associated with hypothermia.

Her death is being blamed on the original policeman who pronounced her dead, with a health official offering the following explanation:

The police officer did not call for an ambulance, as required by instructions.

He certified the death on his own, called the undertaker’s and sent the body to the morgue without accompanying documents.

I mean it kinda sounds like everyone’s trying to palm the blame off on to someone else but the guy has got a point. I’m still not really sure how this woman’s body could pass through so many people and nobody could realise that she wasn’t actually dead, like maybe they could have seen her breathing or something?

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