Woman, 50, Wakes Up In A BODY BAG At Funeral Home After Doctors Mistakenly Declared Her Dead

Worst nightmare come to life.

A woman suffering from cervical cancer in Paraguay experienced what’s undoubtedly a top 5 fear for pretty much everyone reading this – waking up from a deep sleep and finding herself inside a body bag.

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Married mum Gladys Rodríguez Duarte, 50, ‘came back to life’ as funeral workers were set to prepare her body for a service hours after a doctor at a private (!) clinic informed her family she had died.

As per MailOnline, Dr. Vera declared Rodríguez Duarte dead at 11:20am before relaying the tragic news to her husband Maximino Duarte Ferreira and daughter Sandra Duarte, confirming the cause of death as cervical cancer.

As you might expect, daughter Sandra is pissed:

We trusted him, that’s why we went there. But they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home.

The hospital had passed over a body bag containing Gladys’s ‘corpse’ to the personnel of Duarte and Sons Funeral, who made the shocking discovery.

The owner told investigators that she was moving inside the bag when they unloaded her at the funeral home.

Imagine forking out for a private clinic for your cancer treatment and ending up with some doctor who probably bought his degree on the black market and declares you dead when you’re just having yourself a little nap? I mean you’ve got to lose your doctor’s license the minute you pronounce a living person dead, right? You’d think that was pretty basic stuff as far as being a doctor goes – being able to tell the difference between being alive and dead. Could he just not be assed to deal with this patient anymore and so just convinced himself she was a goner?

Unless… Gladys Rodríguez Duarte really did die and then came back to life later like The Undertaker? OK it’s a little bit far-fetched but then I don’t know much about Paraguay and its people so it’s entirely possible. You’ve got to feel for the doctor in that scenario. Everyone thinks he’s useless and incompetent and can’t tell the difference between a dead person and alive person, but in reality he was treating a zombie patient who came back to life in a body bag at the funeral home. Hey, it’s the era of coronavirus after all – anything can happen.

Let’s just be thankful she wasn’t buried alive, like this poor teenager in Honduras. Won’t be getting over that in a hurry.


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