Woman Goes Viral After Wearing Flesh Coloured Leggings To The Supermarket

Butt Crack

What the heck?

Everyone can be accused of going to the local supermarket looking less than your best – usually bleary eyed and hungover when you just whack a hoodie over your pyjamas or whatever – but I don’t think anyone has ever worn anything as weird and offensive as the woman in the picture below.

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The photo was posted by someone called Reannon Allison a couple of weeks ago and has gone viral for all the wrong reasons – mainly because it looks like a woman is just walking around Tesco without anything on her bottom half. It turns out that this isn’t actually true and she was just wearing flesh colour leggings that somehow accentuate her butt crack perfectly. Imagine running into this when you’re just trying to buy some shit at your local supermarket:

Jesus. And yeah, Reannon is right – just what the heck is going on with that weird giant baby sitting in the trolley as well. There’s definitely something freaky/fetishy going on between them for them to be acting like this but I’ve got absolutely no idea what unfortunately.

Kinda wish Reannon had asked them just what the hell they were up to, but I suppose on the flipside of that we can debate until the end of time just what that picture is all about. We’ll never know.

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