Woman Tweets That She Loves The Waterstones Twitter Account Guy; Marries Him 4 Years Later

Memes really do come true.

Do you ever see something on the internet and think “wow, I really love this?” Yeah, me too, that’s pretty common.

But do you ever see something so funny that you literally want to marry the creator? Well exactly that has happened my friends. One pink haired lady ended up getting hitched to the social media whizz behind the hilarious Waterstones Oxford Street account after initially proclaiming her love for their tweets as a partial joke over Twitter.

Oxford street twitter account

Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it. Memes really do come true. The witty corporate account has since been renamed after the branch was shut down earlier this year. You can now find them over at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road.  Back in 2013, they created this fantastic spoof of the overly emotional festive John Lewis adverts.

Obviously the romantic tweet has gone viral and the man himself has reacted in his usual amusing ways. The Mrs wasn’t overly pleased.

Oxford twitter Waterstones

Lol. Crazy as it is, it’s definitely a lot less weird than the time a dude married a sex doll. When searching for a partner, please make sure they’re a living and consenting human adult because that’s just plain creepy. 


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