Woman Ordered To Stop Speaking ‘Foreign Muck’ After Using Welsh Language… In Wales

Elin Welsh

Excuse me?

A woman was shocked after being told to stop speaking “foreign muck” to her kid despite the fact that she was actually speaking Welsh… in Wales.

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Elin Jones from Lampeter said she was speaking to her one-year-old daughter Elena while out shopping on Saturday, explaining to her about the food that was on the shelves. However, to her surprise a customer at the shop confronted her and made the ridiculously dumb statement.

Elin said:

I think I was pretty calm about the situation to be honest.

I said to her ‘I think you are misunderstood – I am speaking Welsh to my children’.

But she turned on her heels and walked away. She didn’t even try and justify what she had said.

Wales and the UK is a multicultural country and I love that about it in general and we should be far more accepting.

Most people usually recognise that it’s Welsh, particularly when I’m in Wales.

But maybe because I don’t sound Welsh when I am speaking it I have had comments from people saying ‘go back to your own country’, which is very funny because I am from Aberystwyth.

I’m not surprised the woman didn’t even try and justify herself – she was probably pretty damn embarrassed for making herself look like a right idiot. 1) because she was being a racist twat and 2) because she doesn’t even recognise her own country’s dialect despite evidently being patriotic.

Anyway, Elin makes some very good points and added that in a way it’s good that this story has gone viral because it should help promote tolerance towards all people, not just those who happen to have been born by chance in the same place that you were born in by chance.

For more evidence of ignorant racists, check out this woman going on a rant at Muslim women on a London bus because she thinks they’re ISIS. So dumb.


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