This Video Shows A Woman Casually Using A Photo Booth As A Toilet

Woman pissing

Question is, was it a number 1 or a number 2?

As a girl, I know how much it can suck when you need a piss and can’t find anywhere to go. It’s not like we can dip into a corner or find a nearby bottle. And finding a suitable toilet can be tricky.

But no matter how awful it can get trying to hold it in (particularly when drunk), I don’t think I’ve ever had the urge to have a go in a photo booth. I mean, the curtain doesn’t even reach the floor — it allows the bottom half to be on show, which is surely the last bit you want people to be able to see when you’re taking a pee.

This woman, however, doesn’t seem to give a shit as she brazenly lets loose in a photo booth in the Paris-Gare de Lyon railway station as people pass by. Take a look:

So weird how she just gets out those little packet tissues before pulling her trousers up and leaving without a flinch of the face. She acts as if what she had done was totally normal. Just a casual piss on the way to work. Crazy shit.

Thank god she had her own tissue and didn’t have to use pages of her passport. We all know that doesn’t end well.


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