Woman Followed & Threatened By Man After Complaining About People Not Wearing Masks On The Tube (VIDEO)

What a dickhead.

Some absolute creep followed a woman off the tube and threatened her, calling her a slag and a c*nt, after he overheard her complaining to her mum on the phone about people not wearing masks on the tube.

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West End actress Corrine Priest was sharp enough to whip out her phone and catch the incident on film, before sharing it on Twitter over a series of clips:

Wow, what an absolute dickhead. Starting on a terrified female because you think she was specifically singling you out in a phone conversation to her mum? Imagine being that thin-skinned.

Also what kind of bellend says “I am an intimidating person”? Yeah maybe when it comes to picking fights with petite women in the street, you’re the most intimidating guy around. There is no way he behaves this way with someone bigger and badder than him. Seriously, what an utter loser:

As Corrine says, the police know who he is as does anyone around London who watched this video. Which means it would probably be a good idea for him to wear a mask from now on. Not that we condone violence or anything but that is a smackable face if I ever saw one. “I am an intimidating person”… what a bell piece!

Of course Corrine probably was referencing him on the phone to her mum but even still, there’s no reason to react the way he did. Should have realised he was a viral video waiting to happen too. Now there’s footage of him being a misogynistic scumbag on the internet forever. Well played buddy.

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