Woman Has Stomach Ache; Turns Out To Be A Condom Wrapped Round Her Appendix

Woman stomach ache

And they told us condoms were safe.

If you thought that condoms were for safety, you might want to think again after reading this story. A 26-year-old woman was rushed to hospital recently after complaining of a stomach pain to the right side of her pelvis.

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Apparently the conditions had left her feeling nauseous and unable to eat any food. Following scans at the hospital in Cameroon, the woman was initially diagnosed with appendicitis and she was rushed away for emergency surgery.

However, when they cut into the appendix they made a not-so-savoury discovery – turns out that discomfort had been caused by a condom that had wrapped itself around the organ.


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She later confessed that she had swallowed the Johnny while giving her boyfriend a blowy. Which poses so many questions – why did she not link up the condom swallowing with the sickness? Why didn’t she do anything once she realised that she had eaten a condom? And I know it’s meant to be the thing to do and all that, but who in this day and age gives a blowy with a condom on? Madness.

And get this – she still didn’t do anything about it after seeing fragments of it in her stool five days later. What a nutter. The doctors warned that condoms are not easily processed by the human digestive system and can stay in the body for years. If they get lodged, the digestive tract is not strong enough to force it back into the intestine and so they need to be surgically removed. So next time you’re sucking on your bf’s dick and he’s wearing a Johnny (yeah right) be warned and don’t swallow.

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