Woman Starts Crowdfunder To Reduce Insanely Huge Breasts After Getting Stuck In The Bath



A young lady with stupendously massive tits has started a crowdfunder to get them reduced after literally getting stuck in the bath.

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21-year-old Kya Granito says her HH breasts won’t stop growing and are constantly tender and give her terrible back ache.

Launching the £8,000 fundraiser she said:

I can’t afford a bra cause they’ve gotten so big, I’m getting new clothes every two weeks cause my breasts out grow them every time, my back is in so much distress that I can’t move out of my bed sometimes or get off the sofa and few times I’ve been stuck in the bath cause of them, but apparently according to the doctors they’re ‘not’ affecting my life.

I suffer with desperation and anxiety and my breast [sic] have made it ten times worse, I have low self esteem cause of them, a lot of the time I don’t go out the house because of them, my grooves in my shoulders from bra straps are so bad they’ve made me bleed a few times with it loose.

I would be very grateful and I would be able to live a life where I don’t have to worry about getting up or going out and being able to play with my brothers and sisters and be able to exercise again. Your donation will be helping tremendously.


Some people commenting on the Crowdfunder are being dicks about it:

I personally think that £8,000 is a disgusting amount of money for a 20-year-old to have to try and “work hard for” just to get a bit of comfort back in her life. And there is a huge difference between comfort including mental wellbeing and luxury!


I really don’t know how boobs effects[sic] ppl[sic] mine are fucking huge and I’m fine?


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Whereas others are providing solutions:

Kya mate you could always make them pay for themselves, whack ’em out, few topless photo shoots (artistic not smutty of course), you’d make 8 grand in 6 months easy.

That commenter basically just solved all of Kya’s problems. He’s right – there’s plenty of publications that would pay big bucks for her to get her mammaries out on camera. I’m sure she even made a little something off the original Sun article with them covered up. Why not give those bad boys the spotlight they deserve and get paid for it before doing away with them for good?

Good luck to Kya and her boobs whatever she decides. Let’s just hope she chooses her surgeon wisely, so that she doesn’t end up with crab claw tits.



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