This Woman Has Taken Ear Stretching To A Whole New Level

Snake In Ear

Seems a tad harsh.

When it comes to having a pet snake or getting my ear lobes stretched, I’m not sure which I would personally find more terrifying. I do know that if you combined the two then that’s some next level horror.

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I hadn’t even contemplated that someone could even get a snake stuck in their ear plug, but that was before I had heard of a woman called Ashley Glawe. Apparently last week she was hanging out with her pet snake Bart when suddenly out of nowhere he made a dart for her ear lobes. Somehow he was so quick and at the right angle that he managed to become wedged in there.

Fortunately Ashley clearly has a lot of affection for Bart so wasn’t too freaked out about it and obviously Bart wasn’t going to bite her, so instead they just went to the emergency room to try and get him removed:

Great use of hashtags there girl. Maybe get a job in social media after this one?

Anyway, the doctors were able to remove Bart after they made a small incision in Ashley’s ear and wiggled him out using some vaseline. Ashley wasn’t even pissed off with her pet because she loved him so much. But as for the rest of us, we’re all going to be mentally scarred by that picture for the rest of our lives. Not looking forward to going to sleep tonight, let me tell you that.

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