Watch This Woman Smoke Weed In 100 Different Ways

Smoke weed

How is she still alive?

As you all know by now, today is 4/20 – that special day in every stoner’s life where it’s totally acceptable to bunk off work and spend all day getting high.

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In celebration of this momentous occasion, Cut Video have decided to provide us with a tutorial on 100 different ways to smoke weed. I’ve got to make a personal shout out to the girl who demonstrates each method to us, because her stamina is something else. If I took 100 hits of anything I’d be on the floor. She just seems to ride it out – what a pro:

That was almost too much to take in. I like how at the end they switch from different implements to just smoking butt naked or in a bear suit. I guess 100 is quite a lot.

For more from Cut Video, here’s a video of a priest, a rabbi and a Catholic priest all getting high together. Simple beautiful.


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