Florida Woman Shoots Down Python As Vengeance For Killing Her Pet (VIDEO)

Goat python

No mercy.

I’m not in the process of owning a goat or having said goat being attacked and murdered by a python, but if I was then I think I’d be pretty damn pissed off about it, much like the woman in this video is.

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In the footage, Rachel Elizabeth Valverde – who lives near Naples, Florida – walks outside to discover that her goat has been locked in a death grip by a python, who looks like he’s about to eat it as well. Probably not something you want to wake up in the morning to see.

Anyway, Rachel reacts like any redneck woman would, by getting her gun and shooting the fuck out of the snake:

Yeah, that’s right girl – you make sure that he doesn’t get away. I can’t say I blame her for killing the snake though, the motherfucker had just murdered her beloved goat. You’ve got to get revenge for that kinda shit, John Wick style.

For more snakes being absolute assholes, check out this video of a snake regurgitating another live snake. Completely freaky.


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