Woman Pushes Kid Over And Gets In His Face; Gets Slammed HARD In Retaliation

Woman Gets Slammed Hard

Gender equality.

I’m never one to advocate hitting girls, or even violence in general really, but sometimes there isn’t really another option when you’re being attacked and have to defend yourself.

That’s exactly what happens in this video. I don’t know the background but it looks like there’s a heated argument going on in a car park somewhere over some bullshit. The woman runs towards the kid and pushes him hard back onto the ground and he looks like he might be out for the count, as the woman continues to hurl abuse at him.

Then, the kid manages to get to his feet and forgets everything that anyone ever taught him about not hitting girls, and grabs the girl and does a belly to belly slam on her, hard on the concrete of the car park. It doesn’t look like she’s getting up any time soon after that one.

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Oof. Maybe that reaction was a bit harsh considering what she did in the first place, but I suppose if you lay your hands on someone and hurt them, then you probably should expect to get hit back. That’s just the way it goes.

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