Woman Pulls Incredible Trick Using Her Monster Natural 34J Boobs (VIDEO)

Don’t act like you’re not going to watch this.

It’s cold outside, you’re miserable, the weekend is looking like a write-off, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a multitude of ways in which you can cheer yourself up.

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This very talented Russian gal by the name of Samanta Lily might just do the trick – she can pop buttons off her shirts just by using the power of massive knockers.

Can’t say for sure how much skill is required to pull this off, but I think it’s fair to describe it as talent:

After doing a bit of an internet stalk on this girl, it’s hard to imagine bringing her home to meet your family and friends. I mean you just know that everyone’s going to be thinking “fuck me this girl’s tits are humongous” the entire time. Never mind expecting everyone to keep eye contact with her. It would just be way too much to ask of anyone to treat her like a regular human being when her tits are causing an eclipse right in your living room.

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