This Woman Is Planning A Huge Wedding Ceremony + Party To Get Married To Her Duvet

The search for true love is often fraught with twists and turns, but I don’t think that’s any reason to just give up on the whole thing and marry an inanimate object because you’re so desperate for some kind of life partner.

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These are the steps that are being taken by some people out there though. We’ve seen people get married to themselves and teddy bears and now the latest whack job out there is getting married to her duvet. 48 year old Pascale Sellick is planning to say her vows to her literal bed covers on the 10th February at Rougemont Gardens in Exeter, Devon at 2pm.

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Pascale has issued an open invitation for anyone who wants to see her marry her life partner, but requests that anyone attending adheres to the dress code of dressing gowns, pyjamas, onesies, and slippers with the option of also bringing cuddly teddies or hot water bottles if the weather isn’t so great. She had this to say abut her duvet as well:

My duvet is the longest, strongest, most intimate and reliable relationship that I have ever had. That’s because it has always been there for me and gives me great hugs.

I love my duvet so much I would like to invite people to witness my union with the most constant, comforting companion in my life. There will be music and a ceremony; laughs and entertainment.

The duvet’s outfit will be a surprise. I’ll be wearing slippers with a nightgown and a dressing gown.

Duvet Wedding

I mean I don’t want to be a neg or anything because what she’s doing isn’t really harming anyone, but it does sound like she’s gone completely off her rocker there. Also it seems kinda bizarre that she’s announced this news by going to the press and doing a full on photoshoot with her duvet, almost like it is a sad, desperate cry for attention hey?

Given that Pascale’s profession is that of an artist, some people are claiming that this is all some kind of performance art piece to distract from Valentine’s Day, but is this really going to help/achieve anything even if it is? Can’t really get behind people doing weird shit like this, sorry.

For more of the same, here’s a kid who got married to Tetris. Dunno which is dumber.


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