The Woman With A Phobia Of Michael Jackson Has Explained How It Started



If you’ve been on social media in the past couple of days, then you’ve probably seen the video of the girl crying in Ayia Napa at the sight of a Michael Jackson impersonator singing ‘Thriller’, probably accompanied with the idea that she should be a contestant on the next series of Big Brother for some reason.

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Now though, Ruby Marriott has decided to come forward and explain just why she’s so scared of The Man In The Mirror. Here’s what she had to say:

I have a genuine fear of Michael Jackson.

It all started when I was younger at about five years old. My sister and my cousin used to show me creepy edited videos of him that people made and conspiracy theories that he’s alive.

‘Thriller’ is the main song that scares me, mainly because of watching the music video when I was younger and it is one of his biggest hits so it’s played around me a lot.

There was a door with about eight padlocks on it and one of my family members jokingly said ‘what if Michael Jackson is hiding in there?’, knowing my phobia of him.

Every night for three weeks, I had the same nightmare of him creeping out of the wardrobe and coming for me while I was asleep. It was awful!

We had no idea about any tribute acts so we went in and had a few rounds of drinks. I was enjoying it a lot, we were all dancing, taking photos and having a laugh.

It wasn’t until half an hour in that I heard the start of Thriller playing and I instantly started panicking.

I turned around and saw a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing around on the dance floor next to me. I ran over to where my family were sitting and instantly started crying and panicking even more.

I am finding it funnier now, but it hasn’t changed how I see Michael Jackson.

Yeah I’m not really sure if that explains why she’s so scared of Michael Jackson? Just that it’s been a problem for her since she was very little and that her family weren’t exactly too nice to her about it and that probably didn’t help.

It still sounds very irrational though, but I suppose a lot of our fears in general can’t be explained. You would think that a grown woman should be able to get over one as stupid as being scared of Michael Jackson and beat it by now (pun intended) but I guess not? Unlucky.

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