Watch This Dumb Vain Bimbo Try To Take The Perfect Selfie In A Children’s Playground For Over 90 Seconds

Perfect Selfie

This is excruciating to watch.

Honestly, we don’t know how hard Kim Kardashian has it with all the selfies she takes and I’ve only just realised thanks to this video.

In the excruciating video, some bimbo woman possibly related to Kimmy is standing in a children’s playground trying to get the perfect selfie of that event (quite why you would want a selfie in a children’s playground is another issue entirely). Anyway, she poses and manoeuvres for a grand total of 90 seconds – possibly longer as she’s already messing around when the video starts and hasn’t finished by the time it has ended – before finally getting a satisfying shot and presumably uploading it to Instagram and getting about ten likes.

FYI 90 seconds is a lot longer than you think when you’re watching someone try and capture the perfect selfie. The best part about it is that she’s so caught up in trying to nail it that she doesn’t even realise she’s being filmed for a minute and a half. Absolutely clueless, although hopefully the gratification she felt from that final shot was worth it.

In fairness at least it isn’t as cringe as any of these 15 epic selfie fails though.

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