Woman Makes £1m In Lockdown By Talking Dirty To Americans Who Love British Accents

Huge W.

An Instragram model says she has raked in £1m since the start of the pandemic by selling custom-made videos of herself talking in a British accent.

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Olivia Blanco, originally from London, moved to Miami, Florida, and quickly realised Americans couldn’t get enough of her accent.

She told The Daily Star:

I’m proper English, I’m a heavy tea drinker, and I’m clumsy. They love my accent here in the USA.

Fans are always asking for custom videos of me, just talking.

What can I say, the yank perverts can’t get enough – maybe one day I’ll branch out into audio stories.

Somehow I doubt her accent is the primary reason she’s racked up £1m from the ‘yank perverts’, and it’s probably got little to do with her racking up 550,000+ followers on Instagram too…

Nevertheless, Olivia’s mum is so impressed with her daughter’s hustle that she wants a slice of the action too:

My mum is most supportive of all… we’re talking about starting a mum-and-daughter fan page.

Her boobs and arse are even bigger than mine!

That’s a hell of plan! After all – two dirty-talking British accents are better than one, especially since it seems Americans haven’t realised that there’s an abundance of websites out there they can go on and watch British porn stars talk into the camera for free. I mean seriously – who are the lunatics out there paying for this stuff?


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Like so many other entrepreneurial women during this pandemic, fair play to Olivia for finding her niche and exploiting it to the max. We all have bills to pay after all. The question is – what’s next for Olivia?

For now, I like working for myself, but I wouldn’t rule out mainstream erotic films. I just don’t want to grow old gracefully – like, at all.

That’s the spirit. Go Olivia Go!

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