This Woman Has Made More Than $25,000 Selling Her Farts

Great gig.

I’m pretty sure that everyone in the world farts – even if a whole bunch of us pretend that we don’t – so imagine if you could turn collecting those farts and selling them into a successful career?

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Well, look no further than this woman Lush Botanist (I think this must be a stage name?), who claims that she’s sold more than $25,000 of her farts after someone contacted her on the internet begging her to give him some of them. She’s just appeared in a Channel 4 documentary where she decided to explain her unusual side hustle (which could probably be her real job, let’s be serious):

I have been doing this business for three years.

I kept getting requests over and over.

I thought, ‘You know what? People will pay me for this and I’m going to do it.

I’m lactose inolterant, so whenever I eat anything with dairy my stomach has a mini meltdown.

Parmesan makes them really sulphury whereas mozzarella creates big bubbly farts.

I send out videos of me farting, jars with my farts in and my own special fart lollipops.

You can imagine what a fart lollipop is – it’s literally exactly what it says on the tin – so let’s not think anymore about that one. Lush says that once she also farted on a miniature train figurine and sent it off to a fan and made something like $750 for her efforts. I’m definitely in the wrong line of work with this blogging shit.

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