This Woman Is In Love With Her Sex Doll – And So Is Her Boyfriend

An unusual throuple.

The throuple seems to be the hot new term on the dating scene after David Haye revealed that he was currently engaged in one, but this woman from Portland has decided to be even more unconventional about her dating life after inviting her sex doll into the equation.

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Polly has been dating her sex doll Sky – who comes with a detachable penis – for about eight months now before she met her boyfriend Brent and he’s surprisingly OK with the situation and actively enjoys having sex with both of them. Here’s what Polly had to say about her unusual lifestyle with both Brent and Sky:

She was just sweet and lovely and beautiful and [I was] just like, ‘thank God you’re here’.

Even I thought it was weird and still think it’s weird because it’s, like, strange when somebody’s first drawn to a doll.

Obviously Brent knows about Sky – my whole family knows.

My dad actually helped me transport Sky here when I was moving [to Portland].

It doesn’t bother Brent. He thought it was super cool.

But I mean, he’s always been fascinated with dolls anyway.

Everybody that I know that has a doll, they can’t really talk about their doll. They have to hide their doll.

It’s such a shame because it brings all of those people lots of happiness and it sucks when you have to hide or not celebrate the things that you love.

It’s harder to dress her in cute stuff when she’s hard AKA when her penis is on.

If you have a doll that is capable of sex then at some point are probably going to have sex with your doll.

I was an emotional wreck, I was lonely, I was feeling rejected I hadn’t had sex for [about] a month or two.

Yeah I mean there’s not much going on there to convince me that Polly – and to a lesser extent Brent – aren’t mentally ill for indulging in this weird fantasy, but like I always says as long as they’re not hurting anyone I suppose we should be happy for their joy and just leave them alone to get on with it? Really can’t understand these new generation of people that are desperate for relationships with inanimate objects though, what exactly are they getting out of it?! It’s just weird.

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