Man Savagely Dumps Girlfriend On Plane; Woman Next To Him Live Tweets Everything

Wait for the humungous curve ball plot twist right at the end…

Watching/listening to couples fight is a really underrated hobby. Especially for someone who’s single it’s all you need to do to justify the reason you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend (even if the reality is no-one loves you). Just like when you see little kids acting like brats in public and you think “yep, that’s why I’ll never have kids”. That’s how everyone should treat couples fighting. Just listen to them go into meltdown and say “well, that’s why I don’t have a partner — so I don’t have to have a full on fight over who text me at 7pm on a Tuesday”.

Anyway, here’s how it went down when a girl named Kelly Keegs sat near a couple on the plane last week:

Kelly was loving it at this point…

The saga continued…

And then… a major plot twist!

Sounds like an encouraging end, doesn’t it? Downing vodka in total silence? They’ll be fine.

Unlike the couple who broke up on their roof and were also live-Tweeted.


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