This Woman Killed Her Dad By Launching TV Remote At His Head


A woman has the dubious honour of becoming the first female in Britain to kill someone with a TV remote control – her own dad. 

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As reported by Metro, Bath woman Nicola Townsend, 50, killed her 78-year-old dad after becoming ‘frustrated and angry’ with him and lobbing the remote at his head. 

It him him so hard that he had to scramble to the kitchen to attend to his wounds, at which point Nicola pushed him over, breaking a few of his ribs. 

She fled the scene, forcing dad Terence Townsend to call an ambulance for himself.

Terence told paramedics that he had fallen over and hit his head by himself, not wishing to get his daughter in trouble.

He passed away 12 days later from broncopneumonia brought on by his injuries, and his dumbass daughter still managed to implicate herself after she admitted the assault to her brother-in-law in a series of phone calls and voicemails. He did the right thing and passed the messages onto police. 

Nicola was found guilty of manslaughter this week and will be sentenced at a later date. She was also found guilty of witness intimidation after she attempted to contact her brother-in-law after being charged.

So despite the fact her poor dad tried to save her bacon after she had just caused him a life-ending injury, she still managed to cock things up completely by blabbing about what she did and then contacting the main witness following the trial. Not the brightest crayon in the box is she? 

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