Ex Of The Woman Killed By Her Identical Twin Gives Insight Into Their ‘Sordid’ Relationship


How close is too close?

The ex-lover of a woman allegedly murdered by her identical twin sister has provided shocking new insight into the siblings’ intense and chaotic relationship.

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Alexandria and Anastasia Duval made headlines earlier this year after Alexandria was charged with murdering her sister, as she intentionally drove their SUV off a cliff in Hawaii.

Charges were initially dropped against Alexandria. However, they were reinstated two weeks ago due to the emergence of new evidence. Eyewitnesses have told investigators that they saw the twins fighting in the car just seconds before the plunge.

And now, a man named Keith Weiss, who previously dated Anastasia, said that they used to have a toxic relationship and there were at least two occasions when “very intense” fighting between the sisters inside his car almost resulted in a crash. He said:


The first time, Ann was driving, and they just started fighting.

She let go of the wheel and they were going back and forth with each other, oblivious to the obvious danger and the other cars around us. She almost lost control of the car.

There was just so much drama. They would really get into it. I remember this one time, the three of us were at the mall, and Ann smacked Alison in the back of the head. Hard.

They raged. They went back and forth with each other, pulling hair, pinching each other… it was as if they had blocked everything out around them.

I once got call from Ann saying, ‘Get over here now… I’m going to kill her.’

She actually started hitting Alison with the phone. I heard it… thump, thump, thump. They were both screaming at each other.

I get to their apartment and there’s broken glass everywhere from wine bottles and shattered glasses. There was blood everywhere, and the bedroom door was falling off its hinges. Both of them were sitting on the couch when I walked in, and they were like, ‘Hey… how are you doing?’

Alison had a bruise on her face. I asked them if they were OK, and they were like, ‘We’re good, we’re fine. We’re just watching a movie’. Meanwhile, all around them it’s total destruction. They seemed to not know they wanted to kill each other just minutes earlier.

They were fantastic teachers, beautiful women, but I also know they were very competitive and very strong-willed. They seemed to have a lot of dark demons.


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Jeez – you can see why that relationship didn’t last very long. On top of the sibling rivalry, the twins were apparently determined to get famous. The fatal crash followed years of failed business ventures, including a yoga school, personal bankruptcies and moves for the sisters.

I think the word turbulent would be the most applicable to their relationship – it’s sad that it ended in death. If only someone had intervened sooner. In this case, I think that there is such thing as being too close, particularly when the pair involved both had very strong personalities. RIP to Anastasia.

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