Watch This Lady Superkick Another Woman Onto The Train Tracks Then Offer The Best Excuse Ever

She did warn her.

HBK’s ‘Sweet Chin Music’ was one of the most devastating finishing moves in WWE history, but not something you frequently see in a real world fight, on public transport or otherwise.

Well we got a rare view of the move being pulled off to perfection over in New York the other day, as a passenger superkicked another woman so hard she ended up stumbling onto the train tracks:

In full agreement with that Tweet there – she literally told her to “be careful” or she was going to get hurt and when that woman didn’t heed her warning, she delivered on that promise. Simple as that really. Can the victim really complain? Well yeah she can but let’s pretend she can’t just to add some levity to the situation.

The funniest part is the slow motion fall onto the tracks which made it almost seem fake, which is ironic given the move’s ties to WWE. I do love how the victim kept running her mouth while a bunch of people had to help her up off the tracks though. Need to save face even when you’re moments away from being flattened by a high-speed train.

To watch another picture-perfect Sweet Chin Music come out of nowhere during a rap battle, click HERE. Gotta watch out for those.


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