Woman Goes On Insane Text Rant After Getting Turned Down For Sex

Woman Screaming Mobile

Frustration level 100.

It’s pretty annoying when you’re going on a date with someone you just met, it doesn’t go so well and you don’t end up having sex at the end of the night. However, even though I’ve been disappointed a fair few times, I don’t think that I’ll ever react to a date not going so well like the woman in this article.

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Even though she clearly had about a day to think about it and calm down, the woman still thought it was a good option to text the dude and totally rant at him about not wanting to have sex with her. The highlight is probably when she accuses him of being gay about three times in the same message:

text rant 1

text rant 3

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Jeez – even if she was completely butters and a moron, it might have just been easier for this guy to have sex with her rather than put up with that crap. Although to be fair, it looks like he was enjoying the whole situation rather than being pissed off about it. In fact, I’m kinda bummed out that it ended so quickly – it seems like this woman could go on for hours and hours. Frustration is a powerful fuel. I can kinda figure out why the dude didn’t want to have sex with her though, as she is clearly completely fucking mental.

Here’s another crazy rant – this time it’s a racist one directed at a Muslim woman on a London bus who is accused of being in ISIS. Obviously.


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