Drunk Woman Drives To Police Station; Hands Herself In For Drink Driving

woman drink driving

Dumbass of the year.

A drunk (and dumb) woman drove herself to the local police station recently in order to tell them she was too drunk to drive.

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50-year-old Amanda Jane Boyd thought she was doing the right thing by telling the officers she was too intoxicated to make the journey and she asked if they could arrange to get her to an area called Christchurch.

However, when the fuzz asked how she got there, Boyd pointed to her car but admitted she was way too messed to carry on. I think it’s worth pointing out that this all happened at 2pm in the afternoon. What a wrong’un.

drunk driving

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She has since been charged with drink driving, which makes this her third DUI. Needless to say, the judge pointed out that Boyd clearly suffered from a severe alcohol problem:

It was an exceptionally high amount of alcohol in your system, however it’s not the highest you’ve had.

The woman has since been convicted and will be remanded on bail sentencing next month.

Ah man, I think Boyd needs a bit of a break – sounds like she’s troubled. And painfully dumb. I mean, who the fuck drives themselves to the police station in order to let them know that they’re drunk driving. Should’ve just stayed home and finished the bottle.

To watch a drunk girl desperately try to walk, and fail, click HERE.


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