Woman Goes Absolutely NUTS On Some Guy Trying To Get A Refund For His Haircut (VIDEO)

Two awful, awful people.

Things can get a bit awkward when you’ve had a shit haircut that’s been fucked up beyond repair and your barber asks whether you’re happy with it.

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Some people will meekly say “yep, that’s great!” and then go home and wait for their hair to grow back whereas others, like this dude, take it to the next level extreme and cause a total fucking scene when demanding a refund.

Impossible to pick a side here because you’ve basically got to choose between the batshit old lady and some loser making a mountain out of a mole hill. I think even the old lady’s husband was kinda hoping the guy would give her a smack? Poor man probably has to deal with that all the time.

The guy says that the owner offered him free haircuts for life but he still refuses to return there. There’s just no pleasing some people.

For a look at the mono-dreadlock AKA the most disgusting haircut in the universe, click HERE.


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