A Woman Actually Thought She Would Get Away With This Fake Disabled Parking Spot


Nice try.

55-year-old Elaine Bacon has been forced to pay a fine after she decided it would be a good idea to paint her own disabled bay outside of her home.

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Elaine has been left outraged by the punishment, as she said she has been forced to ‘crawl’ to her front door due to loads of other cars being parked outside of her home. After putting up polite signs asking parkers to be wary of her condition, Elaine and her husband Daniel decided to create their own disabled parking space on Laurie Avenue in Nottingham.


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Since the administration of the bay, Nottingham City Council has issued Elaine with a £75 fine for using the space. To be fair, I reckon that’s a pretty lenient fine considering the circumstances. Nevertheless, Elaine is incredibly pissed off:

I think’s it’s absolutely appalling.

I can’t walk more than 20 yards but I have to park 20 yards down the street and crawl back to my premises to get back, crying in pain.

When discussing her spinal nerve damage, which came about since an accident in 2008, she added:

It prevents me from doing everything, I am mostly wheelchair bound. If I go out I can’t walk.

I go with my husband and the wheelchair has always got to be with us.

What’s weird is that Elaine is a blue badge holder and yet she can’t seem to get a decent space outside of her home. The local council had this to say about the situation:

They have attempted to reserve themselves a space outside their home on Laurie Avenue by placing unauthorised markings on the road, resulting in a £75 fine.

Only the highway authority is allowed to carry out such road markings, but in fact no longer provides advisory bays like this and the road may in any case be too narrow to safely accommodate one.


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Yeah, I guess no matter how bad the situation, you can’t go around painting on your own disabled parking spot, particularly one that crude. Still, hopefully the council have taken notice of Elaine’s desperation and will give her a solution soon. Even if she does have to pay the fine.

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