Watch This Woman Fight Off Two Armed Carjackers At A Petrol Station (VIDEO)

What an absolute badass.

A seriously badass woman over in the States stood up to two armed robbers and sent them packing after they tried to steal her car.

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Jasmine Warren was walking back to her car at a petrol station over in Atlanta, Georgia when the two men rushed out from behind the gas pumps.

One of them grabs her keys and hops into the driver’s seat, but even then, Jasmine wasn’t having it.

Watch below:

Not taking anything away from what Jasmine did there, but those two have to be the worst, most useless carjackers of all time. Definitely have to come up with another story for when they go to prison and the other inmates ask what they’re in for. I mean what was the game plan here? One of them was just standing around the whole time doing nothing.

Time to find a new calling guys because the crime life clearly ain’t for you. Same goes for this guy.


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