Woman Caught Drink Driving Says She ‘Accidentally Drank Vodka Orange For Breakfast’

Michelle Butterwork

The oldest excuse in the book.

A business woman named Michelle Butterworth, 37, who recently crashed into the back of another vehicle was found to be over almost twice the legal alcohol limit.

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However, she has been spared a driving ban after claiming that she accidentally drank her son’s vodka and orange for breakfast. Seems plausible but it also could just be a cover up.

Michelle said she was getting ready for work in the morning when she picked up a pint glass from her kitchen top and drank the contents. Seems a little weird to me – why would you just pick up and drink the first thing you saw on the side without enquiring what it was?

Michelle Butterwork

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As she dropped off two passengers at a shopping precinct, she then bumped into another car at a crossing, where the police were called and she was made to do a breathalyser.

During the court case, she told Manchester Magistrates that her son had made the vodka orange drink the night before and left it out. She had innocently huffed it without being aware of its boozy contents. Amazingly, they bought it, and she escaped with an absolute discharge and no disqualification after Justices of the Peace said that there were “special reasons” not to ban her. The officials said:

The evidence of yourself and your son was clear and consistent. We fine on the basis of a spiked drink argument, special reasons apply and it would not be suitable for us to disqualify you from driving.

Pretty amazing that she got away with it. Not saying that it’s definitely not true, but it would be easy to team up with a family member and come up with a similar excuse.

Clearly it’s more effective than blaming it on beer-battered fish.


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