This Woman Destroyed The Life Of A Detective By Falsely Accusing Him Of Rape For No Reason

Halina Khan

The absolute worst.

In recent times and the allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood, survivors of past indiscretions have been shown great support and compassion by women and men all over the world for their bravery in coming forward about their experiences.

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However, whilst this is to be commended, it’s also sadly true that there are women and men out there who are willing to destroy people’s lives for no good reason by making up such stories. Case in point is the woman that you can see above whose name is Halina Khan.

The 40 year old woman accused a Leicestershire police detective of raping her, despite the fact that the two had never even met each other. The bizarre and awful story begins after Khan’s car was stolen from the Regency Hotel in Greater Manchester. She first told police that the car had been taken by an ex, then that she was an escort and she had been robbed by a client, before finally saying that she had been raped by the detective the previous night in the hotel. She used his name because he had investigated her second ex-husband back in 2011.

Despite the fact that she admitted to making this up when she was questioned back at the police station, Khan refused to make a statement or sign an officer’s notebook. This meant that the police were forced to investigate the claim and the detective’s life subsequently became ruined.

He was picked up at his home in front of his wife and kids and then subjected to a five week investigation. This caused significant strain on his marriage and his relationship with his employers before he was found innocent, and he was then forced to take six months off work due to anxiety and depression. He has now returned to work but fears his life will never be the same after this incident.

As for Khan, she plead guilty to perforating the course of justice and is now spending two years and three months in jail for her crime. During her trial it was revealed she suffered from depression and a complex post-traumatic stress disorder and also that she had a drinking problem and had consumer at least a bottle of vodka the night she made the claim.

The whole story sounds like ana bsolute mess really. Sure, this woman should never have said those thing shut I can’t believe the police actually subjected this guy to all this crap after she had even said she was lying in the first place. I know she wouldn’t sign anything, but even so you think they could probably have been a little less heavy handed about it? As it is though, this guy’s life might be completely screwed up. What an absolute mess.

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