Woman Completely Loses The Plot Upon Discovering Subway Is Out Of Meatball Subs (VIDEO)

Nobody loves meatball subs from Subway more than this gal.

Meatball subs from Subway are pretty good, but they’re not so good you’d go completely mental at some poor bloke who already has to live with the fact he’s a ‘sandwich artist’ at Subway, right?

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Well you obviously don’t love meatball subs as much as this psycho does:

I don’t know how long this bitch was dreaming about that meatball sub, but I’m guessing it was a very long time. Her argument is that the meatball sub is advertised 24/7 on the menu, and so it should be available 24/7 otherwise why advertise it as such? Completely bonkers argument but I guess it makes perfect sense when you’ve been looking forward to that meatball sub all day long.

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