This Woman Just Found A Chicken Foetus Inside Her Tesco Egg

Penny McAllister

The picture will make you vom.

A young mum was left disgusted after finding a chicken foetus inside of her Tesco egg.

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I mean, obviously we all know what chicken eggs are and where they come from. However, turning a blind eye to it becomes a lot harder when you’ve got a half-formed chicken growing inside your breakfast snack.

Penny McAllister from Leicester went to make a round of pancakes with her eggs, but now she is “put off” for life after making the shocking discovery.

Foetus egg

Writing a complaint to Tesco on Facebook, Penny wrote:

Morning Tesco, we cracked open some eggs this morning for breakfast to find two of the ones we have opened actually have a chicken foetus growing inside of them!

We daren’t open or use the rest! Bloody minging! What’s gone wrong here?

Tesco responded to the post, saying:

Hi Penny, I’m so sorry to see there is a chicken foetus in this egg! This is very concerning and @’m truly sorry for the frustration and disappointment caused.

Apparently the package has been sent off for inspection so they can offer her a full refund. I’m guessing she won’t be spending the money on a new packet of eggs.

I suppose it takes incidents like this to realise what eggs really are – chicken periods. There’s no way around it. It doesn’t stop them being delicious, especially when cooked up in an egg, cheese and bacon waffle. Mmmmm, chicken period.


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