Woman Whips Out Her Tit And Starts Breastfeeding Piglet On Live TV (VIDEO)

Piglet TV


A woman in Peru was broadcasted on live TV breastfeeding a piglet. Didn’t think I’d be writing that sentence this morning.

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However, this was not to make a statement on politics or feminism – it was actually to highlight the effects of flooding on local businesses. Really? Is that a solution?

In the video you can see the reporter seems a little shocked as the woman whips out her breast, but she continues to talk as though it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Normal. The exact reason she decided to do this is unknown, although I’m guessing it’s to make a point about food production – perhaps many of the adult pigs have died as a result of the floods and breastfeeding the babies is the only way to keep them alive. Doesn’t make it any less weird.

Then again, maybe in the future this won’t even be that weird now that scientists have successfully created a pig/human hybrid. We’re two thirds on the way to creating ManBearPig.


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