Woman In Bolton Says That She ‘Won’t Leave The House’ Whilst Standing In The Street


Things might be kind of getting back to normal in this country after a whole bunch of restrictions were lifted again yesterday, but unfortunately there’s also the Indian variant of the Coronavirus wiggling around in the background and threatening to screw everything up.

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I think it’s fairly well documented that the epicentre of the Indian variant is up in Bolton, so Good Morning Britain decided to interview some of the residents of the city to find out how they were feeling about the potential life threatening virus setting up shop in their hometown. The following clip has gone viral because it shows one woman saying that she’s so scared about the virus that she won’t even leave the house – only problem is that she’s clearly standing in the middle of the city centre when she’s saying this:

Lol. I mean it’s perfectly fair enough for this woman to voice these concerns and not want to leave her house but she doesn’t half look like an idiot when she’s saying that whilst standing in the middle of the street.

What a dummy. Hopefully she follows her own advice and headed straight back home if she didn’t want to end up catching the virus.

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