Woman With Bag Of Meth And $6000 In Her Vagina Has No Idea How It Got There


I dare say that most of us sometimes forget where we put our keys or our wallet and spend a hell of a long annoying time trying to find them, but I doubt many of us have lost a whole wad of money and drugs and have it end up in some random woman’s vagina.

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This is the story that Ashley Beth Rolland from Louisiana in the US is trying to spin to us. Her boyfriend Eugene Dix accused her of stealing $5000 from his bedside table whilst he was in the shower and when police went to investigate, they discovered $6000 and a bag of meth up her vagina after she consented to a full search. She admitted to the theft of the money – although it isn’t clear where the extra $1000 came from – but denies knowing anything about the meth, claiming she had no idea how it came to be concealed in her body. Sure.

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Rolland offered no explanation for how the meth came to be found inside her and as of Tuesday is being held in custody on an $8000 bond. Good luck getting out of that one girlfriend – can’t really see anyone buying that you had no idea where a bag of meth that was literally inside your body came from. Ain’t nobody planting that on you without you knowing.

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