Woman In America Makes Guns A Fashion Statement

One woman is determined to look good while she’s hiding a lethal weapon.

If you aren’t aware of the political hotplate that is gun legislation in America at the minute, it’s pretty fair to say you’ve been living under a rock.

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It’s a dividing topic, as the liberals want to put a stop to the terrifying amount of gun shootings that are fast becoming a weekly occurrence. Either way, fire arms are abundant on the streets of the U.S, and one lady from Chicago has decided that she wants to keep looking fabulous as the packs some heat.

Tired of constantly looking ‘frumpy’, designer Marilyn Smolenski has decided to create Nickel and Lace, a women’s clothing company which makes it easy for ladies to conceal firearms:

I don’t want to dress in tactical gear and cameo all the time. I love tactical clothing for the range. It’s comfortable. But I don’t want to wear it for the grocery store.

Sick and tired of a market flooded to cater for men, one of Smolenksi’s pioneering products was the form fitting dress with a concealed holster.


Because who’s doesn’t want a knock out outfit along with the metal to finish the job, right? Her range doesn’t stop there, as originally she started off making wearable weaponry disguised as flattering jewelry, even chopsticks. If my self inflicted watery eye in Wagamamas the other day is anything to go by, I’m particularly weary about that last one.

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It’s a market that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, either. Trump was yet again controversially thrust into the public limelight the other day over comments regarding promoting the use of the third amendment if Clinton would get into office, something he’s not yet public apologised for.

Paramount that her products promote the safety of women, Smolenski has even started a fire arms and fashion show which is thrown annually, focusing on not only the selling and carrying of firearms, but talks and seminars on personal safety too.

One thing’s for sure, I just hope this crazy lady who cut her own boyfriend’s dick off doesn’t get her hands on anything that makes her secretly carrying a lethal weapon any easier.



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