What The Hell Was Going On With Winona Ryder’s Face At The SAG Awards?

Winona Ryder

Let the memes begin.

Last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, David Harbour gave a politically-charged acceptance speech on the behalf of the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ who were named the best TV drama series.

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But while the speech ignited a strong positive reaction from around the world, viewers just couldn’t take their eyes off of co-star Winona Ryder’s face. Had she been smoking something before she got on stage?

Obviously the internet was not going to let this bizarre performance slide. As soon as the speech aired, the Twitter trolls got to work:

I’m not sure why she thought it would be a good idea to pull all those faces when the camera was on her. Maybe she wanted to be the centre of attention that night – if that is the case, it definitely worked.

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