Francophonik is a cool new website that is offering its readers the chance to win tickets to the awesome Rock En Seine festival.

Francophonik is a cool new website that is offering its readers the chance to win tickets to the awesome Rock En Seine festival. I really wanted to go to Rock En Seine last year because Blink 182 were playing and I'm pretty much over Reading and Leeds but none of my friends wanted to go so it didn't work out. Kinda glad I didn't anyway because Blink 182 always suck live because Tom Delonge is an asshole who can't sing or play guitar properly. But anyway, this year's festival looks pretty awesome with performances from the Foo Fighers, My Chemical Romance and Kid Cudi to name but a few. You can check out the lineup and the details of the Rock En Seine festival over at this link – it's pretty much France's equivalent of Reading but in a nicer location I guess. The field it's held in was actually the first park in the world registered as a national monument due to its awesome vegetation – it is actually that nice!  Situated 10km outside of Paris, Rock En Seine looks like it will probably be a really good time, so you should probably enter the Francophonic competition to win tickets. 

To be in with a chance to win the tickets to the Rock En Seine festival you simply have to head over to their Facebook page and click 'like'  (while you're on Facebook why not click 'like' on the Sick Chirpse Facebook page too – you spend all your time here so you might as well) and then simply tick a box to apply for tickets. It's actually that easy.  The Francophonick website is actually pretty cool too, especially if you're into French people and the music they make. Francophonik is basically a service that seeks to discover and share what France has to offer for the millennial generation. This is a  pretty wide umbrella term so to be more specific the site will be providing tips, news, offers and advice on what’s new, exciting, trendy and quirky in France as well as keeping you informed on what to see and where to stay when you're over there. 

There's obviously a big focus on French music on the Francophonik site with the page offering you the chance to win tickets to a bunch of French gigs – not just Rock En Seine – and also introducing you to a bunch of French music which you can often download for free. I haven't found anything on there as cool as MC Solaar or The Teenagers yet though but I'm holding out hope that I will. I'm also hoping that I'll end up looking as cool as these French dudes. 

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