Wimbledon Will Now Serve A Vegan Version Of Strawberries And Cream


Strawberries and cream are synonymous with Wimbledon, but what about all the tennis fans who have sworn off animal products?

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I know that you’ll all be concerned that they won’t be able to get the full Wimbledon experience, but you needn’t be as the tennis tournament has announced that they’ll now be offering a vegan version of the afternoon treat. It’s not just the cream that will have a vegan option as well though – you’ll also be able to sample vegan ice cream and sorbet as part of the initiative.

Director of Vegan Projects (what a job title) Dawn Carr had this to say about the decision:

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Peta first urged Wimbledon to offer strawberries and vegan cream in 2017, and we’re delighted to make a racquet about the new cruelty-free treats.

Vegan cream is not only packed with flavour and kinder to animals and the environment but also a healthier alternative for tennis fans to enjoy in the heat.

Yeah I mean she isn’t really wrong about that is she? Even though it’s not really harming anyone at all though, I’m sure that a whole load of people are going to get butthurt about them introducing a vegan option because that’s what normally happens in these situations. Get with the times guys.

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