William Shatner – Bohemian Rhapsody

Don’t ever change Mr Shatner, you crazy fvck!

Here’s another one that we stumbled across a while ago but never got round to posting, so here it is for anyone who might have missed it. When not treating his Twitter followers to dinner William Shatner likes to partake in one his favourite hobbies, karaoke. But rather than just nip down Yates on a Tuesday, Shatner has decided to release an album full of his musical wittering, the first single being Bohemian Rhapsody.

Try watching this after a blunt, serious. It starts off normal enough, two American sweethearts staring at the moon, then the weird shit happens, the moon is Shatner. Now if you’re were higher than the prices in Waitrose then chances are you would accept this as the norm and listen to what the Shatner moon had to say. The Shatner moon talks his way through the Queen classic, advising he is just a poor boy who indeed requires no sympathy.  At around 4:13 he goes apeshit, fires flames from his eyes and has fish and goats that float in the sky singing in unison with him. What the fvck? Seriously, if this was anyone else it’d be condemned to the looney bin of Youtube, but no, it’s Shatner, and therefore fvcking genius.

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Don’t ever change Mr Shatner, you crazy fvck!


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