Hidden Wildlife Camera Catches Man High On LSD Thinking He’s A Tiger

What a beast.

If you guys thought David Attenborough caught some weird shit on hidden wildlife cameras, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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A camera that had been left in a forest in the Czech Republic had been set up to take pictures of animals in the wild. What they weren’t expecting was to capture images of a naked man running through the woods pretending to be a tiger.


Apparently the guy, identified only as Marek H, had been taking LSD in order to try and beat his depression. However, after taking the drug, he ran off into the forest thinking he had turned into a tiger. It was only once the foresters looked back at the footage that they spotted Marek’s drug-induced antics.


They immediately handed the pictures over to the police, who figured out that it was in fact 21-year-old Marek. He later admitted that the drug had made him feel like he had become a Siberian tiger. He added that while being high on the drug, he had picked up a scent and felt compelled to follow it and in eight hours, managed to travel 15 miles along the Czech-Polish border.

Jesus what a trip. Normally you just trip out with your buddies, have a bit of a laugh and maybe experience a slight spiritual epiphany. Going along on all fours in the middle of a thick forest in winter does not sound like a good time – you’re just asking for a terrible comedown.

It’s nearly as bad as the poor guy who ended up saving his neighbour’s dog from an imaginary fire. A true hero of our time.


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