Wife Humiliates, Beats And Strips Husband’s Mistress In The Middle Of The Street (VIDEO)

Mistress beaten in the street

Shame! Shame! Shame!

A jilted wife over in Bozhou, China, got some major payback on his wife’s mistress this week, enlisting the help of a group of female buddies to beat her up and strip her naked in the street.

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Can’t help but think it should be her husband getting the beats. As one commenter notes:

Why is the woman to blame? Surely the man has problems and is to blame.

You’re not wrong.

I think the reason she’s taking out her frustrations on the mistress and not her husband is that the mistress appears to be considerably younger and fitter than her. Finding out her husband is getting it on with a younger model is just the kind of thing to wind a woman up. Just the sort of jealousy that would lead you to carry out your own Game of Thrones-style “shame” scenario in the middle of the street in China. At least she was kicking her in the back though and not the head; nice to see small mercies like that.

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