Wife Goes Mental After Catching Husband Using VR For Way More Than Just Games (VIDEO)

VR porn

Bet that was awkward.

Now that VR headsets and VR porn are both readily available to the general public, it was only a matter of time before husbands across the country would be replacing their sexless night’s sleep with kinky virtual shagging sessions.

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The first video evidence of this comes from the footage below, which was taken by a wife who was sick of her husband spending all night playing VR games. However, when she goes to tell him off, she finds more than what she bargained for:

I can’t believe she walked in the moment he decided to give that imaginary booty a slap. Also, how degrading for that guy? It just goes to show that it might feel incredible to fake shag a porn star, but in reality you’re just a sad, overweight dude in a sexless marriage, humping away like a disgusting sweaty pig in the middle of the night. And now there’s evidence of that image plastered all over the internet.

Still, it could be worse. At least he didn’t nearly die from watching too much VR porn. The same can’t be said for this guy.


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