Why You Should Upgrade To A Smart Speaker



You’ve seen it in movies, a character commands Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, and music plays or the house comes to life. That’s the potential you have in your hands with a smart speaker. No, smart speakers don’t just play music. Let’s talk about it.

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The Smart Speaker Will Change Your Life

Speakers and stereo systems have come a long way. Everything has changed, from the quality of music we receive to the way the songs reach our ears. However, the smart speaker takes music to a different level.

A smart speaker is an internet-enabled system that responds to voice commands. This means you can play your music (or podcasts) at any time, whether your hands are wet, the speaker is too far, or you are just busy elsewhere, using your voice. The speaker can also connect to other smart devices in the home and control their functions. You can even have multiple speakers scattered throughout the home, thanks to the miniature sizes of these devices. 

As mentioned, smart speakers have a lot of cool features that make them the best music system option for your home. Here are a few that will make you consider getting one for yourself.

Music Streaming

Smart speakers are internet-enabled and have access to the internet. You can therefore listen to any song at any time from a provider-enabled streaming platform. Unlike previous-generation speakers that connect to the your phone using Bluetooth technology, smart speakers have access to the web. You, therefore, will be able to listen to your favorite jams even without your phone in your hands.

Hand-Free Phone Calls

Due to the voice function of smart speakers, you can do a lot without using your hands. With a smart speaker, you can make a call, hold a conversation, and end the call without picking up your phone. Smart speakers connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth or an internet network, allowing them access to your apps.

Tiny Size

The compact size of a smart speaker makes it portable and allows it to take any spot in the house. You can therefore move the speaker to the kitchen as you cook, put it by the bedside, or just mount it in the living room. 

Music Playback

Smart speakers can connect to other smart devices, including those or different brands. Because the speakers are so small, it is possible to have more than one in different rooms and control them from the one closest. This allows you to play the same song or video across all the devices without any hitches.

Virtual Home Assistant

Smart speakers have virtual assistants installed in them. Be it Siri or Alexa, these assistants can perform tasks like controlling other smart gadgets in the home. With a smart speaker, you can play music, make calls, command the robotic vacuum cleaner, and dim or turn on your smart bulbs. The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, the virtual assistants can help set reminders, act as timers, and even control your Google Calendar. All these can be done at the command of your voice reducing the hassle of writing notes on your Post-Its or manually adding said reminders on your phone. 

Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smart speakers are capable of connecting to and controlling your other smart devices. For some, you will need to use your phone or computer to configure its settings. To simplify this, smart speakers can connect to your internet network and sometimes come with a Bluetooth option for days when you lack internet connectivity. The seamless connection allows it to fit nicely into your smart home.

Simplify Your Life  

The smart speaker is your first step towards automating your home. With a smart home, you get to concentrate on more difficult tasks as the more mundane and routine tasks get handled for you. You also get to relax more when you don’t have to worry about the small things.

However, because a smart speaker could become the centerpiece of your home, it is important to ensure that the network it is connected to is safe from malware and other threats. It is important to find dedicated proxies to help ease these safety concerns. Wherever you may be, whether in the US or China, you’ll want to remain secure. However, ensure you perform due research before hiring a proxy provider. Many don’t have your best interests in mind.



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